Top BFCM Offers Of 2018

This year, our very own Taylor Holiday (perhaps in response to a tiff that he got into on Twitter) combed through the top Ecommerce consumer product brands to find out what their Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers were… and we thought we’d share them with you!

Here’s a screenshot of Taylor’s Table for you to keep and check twice.



Since it’s never too early to start, we boiled this list into three key tips you should keep in mind while planning your BFCM strategy for 2019. Take em’ or leave em, these are the recommendations that we made to our internal brands this year and the results showed!


1. Run a sale. Just do it. Regardless of how premium you’re positioning is, discounting does NOT cheapen your brand. If you look at our list, some of the most high end D2C brands like Lulus, Kylie Cosmetics, Serena and Lily, Parachute, and Casper decked their halls in cyber offers. Warby Parker, All Birds, Harry’s, and Away were amongst those with no offer at all… but bottom line, people be discounting.


2. Keep It Simple. Whatever you're offering, please don’t make me read it twice to understand it. Your sale should be clear and concise enough to be communicated boldly on your homepage (not in a tiny banner above your nav bar that disappears when I scroll). Make sure that the discount is automatically applied at checkout, to eliminate unnecessary steps for me as your consumer. Anytime you introduce a code, you add a step in purchase, and the result is lower conversion rate. Oh, and if you do decide to have a coupon code, stay away from words that are hard to spell or having 2 of the same letters in a row like “holidaze” or “gatherround.”


3. Go Sitewide! Rather then selecting a specific sku, excluding certain items, or limiting your sale to a certain collection just GO FOR IT. Amongst our list, sitewide is easily the most common offer. And if you’re looking for some AOV raising strategies try a free gift with purchase over $X, free shipping on orders over $X, or a tiered sale that escalates by amount spent.



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