Auto Advanced Matching: The Magic ROAS Button

Facebook's Power 5 advertising tool of Auto Advanced Matching is one really simple trick you can use to increase your ad account’s performance today.

In the "spy vs. spy" game that is the internet, marketers and business owners are trying to better understand who their customers are and where they come from, while web browsers and ad blockers are trying to block access to this information.

Auto Advanced Matching represents the next leap forward in better capturing customer data, making your custom audiences bigger, making your re-marketing pools more robust, and more accurately attributing purchases to Ads Manager. This means more purchases and better data, allowing you to make decisions even faster.

Auto Advanced Matching

This "Power 5" tool keeps all of the old features and functionalities of Facebook’s tracking Pixel and adds on the ability to collect hashed user data entered into form fills on your website. This means that when a customer enters their email into your newsletter pop-up or their name and phone number into a customer information form, Facebook can now use that data to match it to their Facebook profile, better allowing Facebook to track events from users using multiple devices and ad blockers.

Turning on Auto Advanced Matching is simple, here's how to implement this Facebook Power 5 tactic in your ad account:

→ Go to your Events Manager

→ Select your Pixel

→ Then click on "Settings"

→ Under "Details", you can toggle on Auto Advanced Matching 

→ You will also be asked what data you’d like to collect. At Common Thread Collective, we recommend at least email, phone number, and first/last name for the best results – but there is no harm in selecting all of them.

Now, you’re all set! Your Pixel will start automatically attributing more customers to your Ad Account and you should see a bump in your ROAS as well. 

To learn more about how we can help you increase your ad performance by implementing Facebook's Power 5 tactics, contact us here

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