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Phase 1

Power 5 Training

Automatic Placement

Power 5 Training

Dynamic Ads

Power 5 Training

Account Simplification

Power 5 Training


Phase 2

Your Obsession With These 3 Metrics Is Killing Your ROAS

How To Determine Your Success Metrics

(Do This Exercise Before Spending Another Dollar)

Delayed Attribution: What It Is & How To Calculate

Phase 3

Seasoning Your Pixel

Building & Launching Campaigns & Ad Sets

Building Different Types of Audiences

Cost Controls: What, When & How

Phase 4

Creating Ads for $0-5M Brands When Performance Is Everything

Full Funnel Account Build

From start to finish

How To Set Up A Product Catalogue

And Leverage Dynamic Product Ads

Breaking Down Dynamic Product Ads

Phase 5

Remarketing Best Practices

(What You Need To Know!)

How To Create Higher Converting Ad Copy

Making Effective Ad Creative On The Fly

Phase 6

A 360° View of Dynamic Creative Testing

(How to Set Up, How to Analyze, How to Scale)

How & Why To Use Dynamic Creative Testing Today

How to Use AIDA to Understand & Improve Your Ad Creative

AIDA: Classic Principle, Modern Application

Phase 7

5 Ways To Improve Your FB Ad Performance

(Outside Of Ads Manager)

3 Biggest Campaign Budget Optimization Mistakes To Avoid

Building a Split Test for Different Bidding Strategies

How to Set Up A Creative & Audience Split Test

Phase 8

Advanced Ad Account Structure

With New Ads Manager Interface (9/2019)

Lifetime Value : Customer Acquisition Cost

Cohort Analysis Training

What to Do When Your Ads Stop Getting Delivery

Holiday/Sale Trainings

Your Paid Media Holiday Strategy in 2019

Where To Start

Building An Influencer Giveaway Funnel Strategy

Building Your Holiday Offer

That makes sense for your brand, your customer, and your unit economics.

Holiday Ad Creative Strategy

Offer Ads, Gifting Ads, Shipping Cutoff Ads

Bonus Trainings

Messenger Bots 101 | How to Build Your First Messenger Bot Campaign

Lead Gen 101 | Why Lead Gen? And How to Build Out Your Lead Gen Campaign

The Case For Micro Influencers

(How Starting Small Is Winning Big In 2019)

Ways You Can Improve Your Website CRO Today

Bonus PDFs

Ad Creative Library

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