We’ll Teach You How To Grow Your Social Retail Business With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Workshop

A one-day, interactive training event for
e-commerce social retail entrepreneurs.

Everything you need to get started running ads,
all in one place.

As an agency, we’ve managed more than $100 million in Facebook ads and delivered over $250 million in revenue for our clients.

Are you tired of wasting time and money trying to figure out Facebook ads and want to grow your sales during the Holiday season?

The Reality is...

Buying ads on Facebook isn't a silver bullet.

But, it is a calculated - and efficient - way to scale your business,
when you know how and when to do it.

The Challenge is...

Traditional Facebook advertising techniques don’t directly apply
if you have a social retail business.

The Solution is...

(Drum roll please)

We do it together.

Stop guessing and start growing
with the Facebook ads workshop

Get the in-person coaching that your business deserves

Grow your Facebook Group.
Gain more Live viewers.
Increase your Album sales.

The One-Day Workshop Includes:


How to Think

The number one mistake advertisers make is that they start playing the game before they know what it means to win. In other words, they start spending money before they understand their success metrics. We’re not going to let that be you.

How to Setup

We’ll tackle everything from setting up your account in Ads Manager to creating custom and lookalike audiences off your customer data. This section will also cover remarketing and interest-based audiences. Then we’ll walk through how to build campaigns, ad sets, and conversion objectives. And if none of this makes sense now, don’t worry, it will!

How to Create

Creative is key when it comes to advertising on Facebook. It’s one of the biggest variables in ad performance. But, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on photo shoots and video production. We’ll teach you what you need to know to stand-out, and then walk you through the exact steps for creating and launching ads to achieve your desired results.

How to Analyze

Understanding how to properly track performance and measure your return on ad spend is essential. Without it, you’re gambling money and keeping yourself from scaling. We’ll cover how to define success, how to setup your dashboard for tracking, as well as key metrics and calculations for measuring success.

How to Scale

Scaling doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. Whether you’re looking for more rapid growth (i.e. burst scaling) or a more gradual rise, there are strategies to support you. We’ll explain the different growth types and walk you through some specific tactics that you can test and apply to your own business.

Get The Playbook

You’ll also be given our Playbook to use during and after the workshop. It consists of nine different must-have documents and resources designed to simplify, track, and improve your ad-buying process. Our buyers personally use these tried-and-true timesaving templates and documents daily with our own agency clients.


(Limited Seats Available)

To create a learning environment that allows our team to work directly with you, we’re capping the number of available seats to only 150 small business owners. Seats will fill up fast and when they’re gone… well, you get the point.

Ready? Reserve your seat!

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Who is this workshop for?

This one-day training event is right for you if...

You have a social retail business, but have never run Facebook ads and you’re looking for help with every step along the way.

You have a social retail business and are currently spending between $5 - $5,000 in Facebook advertising per month.

You have a team that you want to serve better by being able to apply the need-to-knows of running Facebook ads to help them confidently grow their communities and monthly sales.

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We're Your Team. Not Your Guru.

Meet some of the experts you’ll be learning from and working with.

We created admission because...

As our agency has grown over the years, we’ve moved further away from our core mission to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

While we’ve never been more grateful to work with some of the biggest and best brands, the current divide in digital advertising between agency fees and guru guarantees continued to keep us up at night.

Somewhere in the middle, the entrepreneur building their business (with less resources) is getting lost in it all.

The process was broken, so we decided to change it.

We Believe In...

Being practioners, not theorists.

Starting with the sale in mind.

Measuring results and scaling what works.

Helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

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Where will the workshop take place?

The workshop will be hosted at the Common Thread Collective offices in Newport Beach, California.

Address: 1701 Quail Street Newport Beach, CA 90266

What would I need to bring to the workshop?

All you will need is your laptop and a ready-to-do attitude. Ok, the last part was made up, but you will want your computer so we can set everything up and build together, throughout the day.

What if I’ve never run Facebook ads before?

Not a problem! There’s no better time to learn than now. The workshop is designed to start from the beginning, where we’ll properly setup your account together and have you creating, tracking, and scaling ad campaigns by the time it’s over.

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